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Watch Coach Judy's new video on how the organization looks to stop abuse and domestic violence. Call or email her to become invovled and feel good that your making a difference for families in need today!


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The Show Offers Practical Tips from A to Z for Businesses and Families to Achieve Personal and Professional Success.

"Congratulations Judy. The program was very informative, entertaining, and of great service to anyone who had the good fortune to be listening."

Dr. H Silverman

Coach Judy helped me prepare for battle and deal with my anger through her individual coaching and the training kit on divorce and single parenthood.


What Did a Top New York Pubic Relation Firm State Regarding theCoach Judy Live Talk Show?

I’m very glad we’re working together again as well. Programs like yours are very important to our clients because not only does it give them more time to communicate their message (as opposed to the 10-min spots on commercial radio), but it makes them feel heard by you, the host, as wellas the audience.

For someone like Sally who’s been through the ringer (to say the very least) and trying to break into the U.S. market, it really meant a lot to her to be on your show. And when our clients feel valued, then really, what more can we as publicists as for??

Thanks again for all the interest and support. You’ve definitely found a friend in Sally (and PTA, too)!!

EMILY MULLEN, Senior Publicist

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National Single Parent Resource Center

Welcome to National Single Parent Resource Center's Website

National Single Parents Resource Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established by Coach Judy Romanoff in 1994. Through her diligent efforts of developing informative programs for parents in S. Florida, Coach Judy was honored in 1999 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. with the National Phoenix award by Parenting Coalition International. This award has been given to well known celebrities such as Dr. T. Berry Brazelton.

Single Parent Families mission is to provide Empowering, Educational, Supportive, Programs that, "enhance lives of single families." And to reduce the risks of abuse, all too common with children and parents by helping them understanding the, "R's & R' of Single Parenting," better known as Working in the Best Interest of the Children.


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Discussion Group for Single Parents

Become Connect, Receive Information, and Support, with Single Parents Like YOU, Preparing to Separate, Facing Family Court or a Single Parent. Listen or Participate, “You Be The Judge.” 1st and 3rd Friday 7PM EST

$10 Donation per discussion Please email your name and email address once you’ve registered. We will send an information sheet so YOU can have a great experience & the phone number to call in on.

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Donate TodayYour donations will help those who can’t afford our products and programs to hiring a small staff.

Businesses can help struggling families by paying for radio promos

"The classes have helped me to handle my children better.”

Steffanie of West Palm Beach

“I feel better that there are others to bounce ideas off of.” All have indicated that it’s nice to know that, YOUR NOT ALONE."

Jackie who called in when a patient at St. Mary’s Hospital

"I listened to your interview with Dr. Bone and thought it went very well indeed! We are wondering if the program is recorded and can we put a link to it on our website? We can direct people there through our email, blogs, website, etc."




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NSPRC StoreNSPRC Store offers products from a Video Training Kit on Divorce and Single Parenting for Single Parent Families. All products and programs are made available to those with limited income.

Call to learn how you can benefit from our sponsorships and support various up-coming programs. A portion of your sponsorships will help reduce the risks of abuse children and parents face during divorce and in single parents home.

Join a Unique Business Resource Directory with Special $99 Business Listing with an Extra Line. Open a one year membership. For more information call (561) 441-8557.

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Divorce MagazineCheck out Coach Judy’s Blogs with the well known magazine known as Divorce Magazine that is found in print through out the US and Canada .  

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We address Single Parent Family Issues with the following types of families

  • Custodial and non-custodial parents
  • Extended family helping with raising our children
  • Single parents by choice
  • Single parent through Adoption
  • Military Families
  • Grandparents raising extended families children
National Single Parents Resource Center
(561) 441-8557
Our mission is to empower families in transition from a two parent family to a one parent better known as, "a Single Parent." To reduce the risks of abuse children and parents can face, and help one to understand exactly what, "working in the best interest of the children," actually means. Personally and from the courts perspective. We offer the products and services found in the store. They will help families gain the knowledge that is needed, find support, and achieve success in their lives. With your purchases and long term commitments of financial, employee volunteers by corporations, and the government, on a local and national level through our representatives, we can improve the quality of life for families dealing with single parent challenges!!
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