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Two Grandmothers who deal with Parental Alienation and Combine 50 years of Experience will Discuss Parental Alienation to Single Parent Issue

50 years of combined experience and both have appeared on international, national, and local media.

Coach JudyCoach Judy Romanoff

Former Guardian Ad Litem with the courts. Talk Show Personality, Motivation Speaker, Coach Individuals. Natonally honored as Founder of NSPRC.


Marianne MalkyMarianne Malky

Voice for the Children, Inc. Parental Kidnapping, Talk Show Personality, and Speaker. Oldest Kidnapping Case in the United States.


10 Tips for Dealing with Divorce & Single Parenting

Coach Judy’s Practical Tips Sheet - Knowledge is Power !

  1. Keep your wits in check: “Get the Facts Before Reacting”
  2. Check out books at the library, search the internet, and or view video’s on divorce that include information on “best interest of the children.”
  3. Interview several attorneys whose specialty is divorce. Choose one that looks to stay out of court, doesn't attack the other side when speaking or in the legal papers.
  4. Have someone review the legal documents before signing. The legal terminology may not always mean what you think, especially when entering the court system.
  5. Meet with professionals from an accountant to a therapist to find the best solutions for being fair and acting in the “Best Interest of the Children.”
  6. Consider compromising rather than fighting and “Keep the Money in Your Pocket.”
  7. Children are created by two people. They risk being abused and used as pawns when parents are angry. Avoid using your children to pass massages. When calling one another use “I Messages.”
  8. Redirect anger into positive energy: Consider exercising, meditation, working on a craft project, or become involved in a organization that helps others.
  9. Join a support group: Look in newspapers, or for an on line group.
  10. Remember the R & R’s of Parenting: Your Responsibilities & the Rights of Children




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