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Chat OnlineHome to airing programs that are full of quality informational content that addresses many of the concerns that the average person wants to know more about; The show offers experts who have worked and appeared on the various national networks.

Coach Judy offers an Interactive talk show with Informative Guests. The Coach Judy Live Talk Show offers practical tips at your finger tips from A to Z to help one achieved personal and professional success. Plus focusing on issues only single parents face.


Mission of the Show

Assist Individuals to Achieve Personal and Professional Success. Plus offer Single Parent Families a place to obtain the facts before reacting with their unique challenges.

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"The program was informative, entertaining and of service to anyone who has the fortune to listen"

Dr. Jim


"Your mix of information is the best I've heard on any radio, Am or FM!"



"Coach Judy's knowledge is combined with her compassionate interview style which only helps the listener obtain useful information"

Mark Roseman, Ph.D. Director; The Toby Center