Parental Alienation Syndrome

Michael Bone; Psychologist Understanding the seriousness of Fibromyalia and how to deal with it and research is being done on the painful disease.

[Aired on April 5, 2010]

Robert Laury; Expert of Zion Residential

Do you know if your children are at Risk of being brain washed during the divorce or separation? Learn what to look for by Michael Bone therapist and custody consultant. Are you thinking of purchasing property then click on the show to listen.

[Aired on April 12, 2010]

Lynne Matallana; National Fibromyalgia Association

“Understanding the seriousness of Fibromyalgia and how to deal with it and the research is being done on the painful disease.”

[Aired on May 3, 2010]

Terry Hitchcock

Terry Hitchcock, in 75 days, ran an equivalent of a marathon each day for 75 consecutive days – over 2,000 miles.

[Aired on June 20, 2010]

Joe Farkas, Mark Rosen PH.D., and Robert Laury

Joe Farkas: “Tips for Increasing your funds with you already have.” Coach Judy Mark Rosen PH.D. Communications: Email vs Over the Phone Robert Laury: Zion Residential: What is Affordable Housing and what you need to know?

[Aired on August 24, 2010]

Joe Farkas

Author and Editor in Chief of Every Day with Rachel Ray spoke about her book, Cooking for Isaiah, Gluten-Free and Dairy Free. She will be a regular guest with the segment “on Health and Fitness.”

Coach Judy   Boresha’s Fat Burring Coffee and Tea, and how you can, “support the National Single Parent Resource Center,” by purchasing their products on our website. Joe Farkas: What you need to know when using credit cards for debt consolidation.

[Aired on September 14, 2010]

Michele Rosenberg and Joe Farkas

Coach Judy addresses what is abuse the red flags to recognize abuse and what you need to do. Michele Rosenberg: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Joe Farkas: VP of Peninsula Bank: How to Handle Allowances for Your Children.

[Aired on October 5, 2010]

FNI Expo

Achieving success with FNI Free Networking International. Toxic people to understanding Autism, How to win in Business with FNI and the Do and Don’ts for Child Visitation.

[Aired November 9th, 2010]

David Horton

Why you should drink Gourmet Organic Fat Burning Low Glycemic Coffee Every Day & new Anti Obesity Products for Children and YOU. Empowerment for Success:  Coach Judy. Understanding new ways for treating stress, depression and mentally challenged children:   Robert Guttesmens

[Aired on January 4, 2011]

Robert Gottesman: Turning Negativity into Positive Energy

Terry Hitchcock single parent dad who did 75 marathons in 75 days whose movie My Run will preview on March 31. Byron Eggers local talk show host. Rick Richenbach: “Common Sense Politics”: How major business want a big bite out of your credit card when shopping in stores such as Walmart and Office Depot.

[Aired March 22, 2011]

Empowerment for Businesses, Understanding Difficult People, New Treatments for Autismto Dealing with Stress and Depression FNI Networking and Cooking in Your Home Without You Having to do the Cooking Yourself.

Guests - Robert Gottesman; Helen Gottesman; Coach Judy

[Aired December 28 , 2010}

What is Success to You:  Coach Judy : A Program to Losing Weight: for Children and Adults:

The Impact of Growing up in a Single Parent Home: Michelle Mealey: Certified  Personal Fitness Trainer and adult daughter of a single parent. Let our station can help you by having your own show on the internet. Lillian Cauldwell: Creator of PWR Station;

[Aired January 11, 2011]