National Single Parent Resource Center

Board Members

Marc Sultan
Private Investigator For Sigma III Corporation

Coach Judy
Founder and Executive Director

Advisory Board Member
“The Toby Center ”

Working Collaboratively with;
Marianne Malky: “Voice for the Children”:

Parental Kidnapping Founding Member
“Gold Coast Public Relations Organization,” of Boca Raton

We are looking for new Board Members. Do you know someone who could meet our requirement?

Robert Gottesman: Director of Free Networking International / FNI, Behavorialst, special guest for Turning Negativity into Positive Energy segment.

We wish to increase the board with business people who care about single parents, from Attorney's, Accountants, Public Relations, Single Parents, Successful Business Owners People who want to make a difference.

Coach Judy is looking for an assistant that has sales and marketing experience. The organization is looking for independent contractors with marketing and abilities, and a good communicator.



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