National Single Parent Resource Center

PMA stands for:  P. Programs and M. Materials to reduce the risks of A. Abuse.

P.M.A. Program

"The program and fund is to help those who can't afford the programs available," and to offer Community Empowerment Workshops"

  1. 2-Hour Video: "Practical Knowledge For Facing Divorce and Single Parenthood, Save Time, Money, and Frustration," A professionally produced video in 2002, by Coach Judy,  which includes "information sheets used in the video,
  2. Individual and Group Coaching
  3. Business Resource Directory: Offers all types of services, professionals, business opportunities, from A to Z from Palm Beach to Broward County.


  • Provide present programs to those who are dealing with separation, divorce, or family court action. 
  • Put the training/tool kit titled, "Practical Knowledge for Facing Divorce and Single Parenthood, Save Time, Money, & Frustration," into the hand of those who can't afford it.
  • Community Educational Empowerment Workshops for families dealing with or will be facing single parent issues.
  • Print out of the Business Resource Directory which already has business listed from A to Z and still growing.                                                   




Your donations from $1 and up will help children of single parent families.

These donations will make the difference in the futures of these children. Children who parents fail to work in cooperation and harmony place children at risk of being abused which will jeopardize their mental well-being as a child and continue to effect them in their adult lives.

A fund in the same name has been established at Florida Community Bank to raise funds for the programs.


Donate TodayYour donations will help those who can’t afford our products and programs to hiring a small staff.



NSPRC StoreNSPRC Store offers a Video Training Kit on Divorce All products and programs are made available to those with limited income.


Become A Sponsor

Become a SponsorCall to learn how you can benefit from our sponsorships and support various up-coming programs. A portion of your sponsorships will help reduce the risks of abuse children and parents face during divorce and in single parents home.

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