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October 11th 2012
Immediate Press Release:

For Domestic Violence Month

The Local, Dr. Phil of Family Court, Announces a Single Parent Dad will support the PMA Abuse Fund

"Reducing Abuse to Save Our Children's Future"

Too often children see a parent being arrested,ambulance taking the injured parent away, and then become, afraid and wonder, where will I go, if no one is around.Their foundation and security can be shattered and we as society pay the back lash. Our tax dollars are being spent to, handle their anger with our legal systemand health care services for mind and body repair.

Why is abuse escalating? Today's economic fall out adds enormous pressure to millions of families who can't afford, the divorce or fear leaving the abusive parent.

Coach Judy, who was an authority on local, ABC News on Abuse in 2010, who has walked in the shoes of being abused, including recently, is called the, "Dr. Phil of Family Court," by client John Reed. She states, "I"m determined to bring changes to today's single parent families who are economically challenged."

John, benefiting from the award winning organization for, "Creating Outstanding Model Programs and Resources for Families,"  National Single Parent Resource Center, established by Judy, in Washington D.C. 1999, "will help with the new 2012 Abuse Program, sponsored by the organization.

Coach Judy states, "abuse can impact you for a life time, regardless of how old you are when abused. Handling and healing is based on support, professionals, and the willingness to be helped.

What Is P.M.A. and the Fund?

Video on the website introduces the program

PMA stands for:  P. Programs and M. Materials to reduce the risks of A. Abuse.

P.M.A. Program

"The program and fund is to help those who can't afford the programs available," and to offer Community Empowerment Workshops"

  1. 2-Hour Video: "Practical Knowledge For Facing Divorce and Single Parenthood, Save Time, Money, and Frustration," A professionally produced video in 2002, by Coach Judy,  which includes "information sheets used in the video,
  2. Individual and Group Coaching
  3. Business Resource Directory: Offers all types of services, professionals, business opportunities, from A to Z from Palm Beach to Broward County.


  • Provide present programs to those who are dealing with separation, divorce, or family court action. 
  • Put the training/tool kit titled, "Practical Knowledge for Facing Divorce and Single Parenthood, Save Time, Money, & Frustration," into the hand of those who can't afford it.
  • Community Educational Empowerment Workshops for families dealing with or will be facing single parent issues.
  • Print out of the Business Resource Directory which already has business listed from A to Z and still growing.                                                   

A fund in the same name has been established at Florida Community Bank to raise funds for the programs.

About Coach Judy:

She's a recognized Parenting Expert, a Blog Expert for the online version of the, "Divorce Magazine, a former Guardian Ad Litem and Talk Show host of, Coach Judy Live Radio Show. As a talk show host since 2002, who works with a passion and care to support others, has been called the, "Oprah of S. Florida," when hosting a show on Clear Channel with WBZT 1230, when sponsoring a "Dental Make-Over." She also has been recognized as a, "Home Town Hero," by the former Commerce Bank of Boynton Beach, now known as TD Bank. Coach Judy is diligent in creating additional resources for everyone to benefit from with the Business Resource Directory, on



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