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October 11th 2012
Immediate Press Release:

"A Bundled Program to Benefit Businesses & Families With Achieving Success in the Legal Arena"

"Knowledge Is Power and Knowing Where to Turn," to, "Get the Facts, then Act to Be an Informed Consumer," with Quality and Diversified Resources, are the currents that drive the unique projects, Coach Judy Romanoff offers, to benefit businesses and families.

"Coach Judy Live Talk Show," and the Business Resource Directory, of Quality and Diversified Businesses are venues that benefit everyone. Both support business with increasing profits. Plus help businesses and families in knowing, "where to turn for resources and knowledge," to achieve professional and personal success.

A One Stop Shop created by Coach Judy Romanoff, is a venue that benefits everyone wishing to "Get the Facts, then Act, and Become an Informed Consumer from A to Z.  Funds collected by the business benefits, a, local award winning organization for single parent families, National Single Parent Resource Center. A group who are in great need of resources, especially with facing family to criminal court actions and relocating to a new residence.

Examples of resources are: Financial, Legal, Mental Health, Private Investigators, Realtors, and looks to included retail outlets, restaurants, and more.

Resources and Topics have included Acclaimed Author and Transformation Coach of 10 years for CEO's of Fortune 500 companies," Sally Anderson of New Zealand to Mr. Dean Tong, Forensic Expert ,whose appeared on numerous national shows such as, Dr. Phil, CNN. (additional info lsited below)

Topics:  "Rights of Landlords and their Tenants, to What Makes You Who You Are, Divorce and Separating, What to Look for when Investing, How Achieve Success Regardless of Stress or Adversity in Your life. "

With Judy's passion and unique talent, she has the candid ability to clarify and simplify technical terms or key information a guest may surprise Judy with. The interviews are informative vs. a sales pitch.\About Host:  Coach Judy:

About Coach Judy Romanoff

She a recognized Parenting Expert, and a father she coaches, labeled her as, "The Dr. Phil of Family Court." Coach Judy is a Blog Expert for the online version of the, "Divorce Magazine." In 1999 she was honored nationally, for creating "outstanding model programs and resources for families," as founder of the National Singlte Parent Resource Center.

She is now focused in building the Resource Side of the organization on a part time bases. She is Marketing and Supporting Businesses to be a resources for everyone through the business resource directory and the talk show.

As a talk show host since 2002, who works with a passion and care to support others, has been called the, "Oprah of S. Florida," when hosting Coach Judy Radio Show, on Clear Channel with WBZT 1230. During the airing of the show, she sponsored a, "Dental Make-Over." She also has been recognized as a, "Home Town Hero," by the former Commerce Bank of Boynton Beach now known as TD Bank.

How are Guests Contacted? Top PR firm to business listed in the Business Resource Directory, to Coach Judy scouting out local talent.

Who Listens:  Fortune 500 companies, to colleges, police departments, and all types of business, including teenagers.  A call even came into the office from Israel, What do you think happened?

Coach Judy Live is broadcasted on an internet radio station, on the air for over 6 years, in over 195 countries, with over a million signed in listeners.

Show Time:  Coach Judy Live, Monday's 5:50 to 6 PM. Listeners can chat with Judy and guests

Guests for the Month of October:

  1. October 8th: Dean Tong: Forensic trial consultant, forensic trial expert, and published author, with  almost 30 years of personal and professional experience in helping parents and attorneys in all kinds of contested divorces and child custody and abuse cases in criminal, family, juvenile, administrative, and appellate courts, nationally
  2. October 15th: Brian Bandell: Author of "Mute," science fiction murder mystery and released by Silver Leaf Books,   Senior reporter at the South Florida Business Journal
  3. October  22:  Susie & Max Steingart: "ROI Unlimited Tour "
  4. October 29th:  Mark Walker of Likes Local, "On Line Marketing"

November 5th: John Reed, Single Parent Client who see's Coach Judy as the "Dr. Phil of Family Court,



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